Triple Crown Wash

Saving Water
One Wash at a Time

Prime Green saves water one wash a time through our Triple Crown Wash. Our largest usage of water comes from washing trucks and trailers. Rather than run up our utilities, we source this water from three places.

Surface Water

We utilize non-potable surface water, such as water found in ponds, lakes, or rivers, as part of environmental sustainability. Using surface water preserves groundwater reserves for agriculture and water wells.

Recycled Water

Recycled water, also called reclaimed water, comes from many sources. We gather water runoff from rain and even water we use from cleaning trucks to use again. Recycled water lessens the strain on groundwater while producing clean and shiny trucks.

Potable Water

We also use potable water, or water safe for humans to drink, to wash our fleet. This last element in the Triple Crown Wash makes our trailers and trucks look clean and perform well.

Ask About Triple Crown Wash

Prime Green’s Triple Crown Wash is part of our overall sustainable supply chain initiative. Ask us how remanufactured tires, efficient trucks, and lighter trailers improve fuel efficiency and lower your logistics costs.