Trailer Specs

Lighter Trailers

Our new EcoFeatherweight trailers weigh 14,500 pounds with 30 gallons of fuel, compared to 16,000 pounds loaded with 50 gallons of fuel. Less weight leaves more capacity for cargo inside the trailer. More cargo decreases the amount of shipping runs you need for your products. Widebase aluminum wheels save 800 pounds over the entire rig.

Higher Loading Capacity

Typical trailers carry 3,489 cubic feet of cargo space. Our 53-foot EcoFeatherweight trailers hold between 3,601 and 3,693 cubic feet of cargo. More capacity makes the best use of space for your deliverables, with Prime Green as part of your sustainable supply chain. Fifth-wheel stops on reefer trailers maximize the opportunity to load 80,000 pounds.

Less Fuel

Smaller, 30-gallon fuel tanks for refrigerated trailers use IntelliSet programming for optimal temperatures among 17 customized settings based on the customer’s product. Our entire reefer trailer fleet is equipped with trailer skirts and trailer tails. In an industry first, our flatbed trailers are also being factory-fitted with skirts. Rear door switches shut off our reefer units while loading and unloading, which improves product temperatures and reduces the amount of reefer fuel wasted while at a dock. We haul 30 gallons instead of 50 gallons in these tanks, which reduces the weight by another 160 pounds.


Prime Green works with Utility 3000R and Wabash ArcticLite refrigerated trailers, as well as Carrier Ultima XTC reefer units for maximum capacity and ideal temperatures. Single-wheel bases decrease trailer weight and increase cargo capacity.  All EcoFeatherweight trailers have automatic tire inflation systems to keep tire pressure constant and to help eliminate roadside emergencies. We all know how dangerous it is to have to stop on the side of the highway.

Driven by the Best

Talk to Prime Green about saving money with a green transportation fleet. We’re an EPA SmartWay Transport Partner, which means we follow strict standards to meet sustainability goals. Contact us to see how we can reduce your expenses and carbon footprint at the same time.