EcoTire for

Tractors and Trailers

EcoTire for Optimal

Fuel Efficiency

Prime Green’s EcoTire initiative lowers the roll resistance for tires across our fleet. This leads to better fuel economy because our tires roll more easily as they hit the pavement. Less roll resistance improves our fuel economy and decreases your logistics costs. EcoTire constantly tests new rubber compounds to make sure we get the lowest rolling resistance from our tires. We measure rolling resistance as fuel economy opportunities and compare our results with other compounds that may offer a longer tread life.

Eco Tire:

Remanufactured Tires

Our techs remold, retread, and repurpose 35,000 used tires a year as part of our remanufacturing process. We select which casings to keep and sell the rest to other retreaders. This ensures we keep only the best remanufactured tires. This extends the life of used trailer tires to 100,000 miles, which reduces costs for new tire purchases. Customers benefit from fewer expenses, while the planet benefits from green transportation and a sustainable supply chain. Prime may be the ONLY transportation company in the USA that remanufactures their own tires!

EcoTire: Better Trailer Efficiency

Trailer tires affect the gas mileage of the tractor. Our EcoTire program makes the long haul smoother and more fuel efficient. All our tractors are equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that inform drivers when they have a low tire. Proper tire pressure prolongs the tires’ life and increases fuel economy, in addition to adding life to the tire casing’s retreadability. Combine EcoTire with our EcoFeatherweight trailers and tractors to get one of the best cargo runs available.


Landfill Waste

EcoTire extends the life of trailer tires, which keeps more waste out of landfills. Once our trailer tires are beyond repair, they go through our EcoShred process to recycle and repurpose them further. When you partner with Prime, you keep waste out of landfills while reducing the greenhouse gases used to manufacture and ship new tires.

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