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EcoFeatherweight from Prime Inc.

Go Green with Prime


Prime Inc. is leading the way in our industry, with revolutionary technological and operational efficiency that competitors can’t match. We’re saving the environment and saving money at the same time. That’s how Prime earned the EPA SmartWay Transport Partner Excellence Award.

If you’re considering the benefits of a sustainable supply chain and optimized green transportation, read on. We want to show you what’s possible.


Savings Calculator

From drivers to carriers and shippers to manufacturers, cost savings are critical for success. At Prime Inc., we are dedicated to dovetailing sustainability and profitability, and we are delivering results every day. If you want to discover just how much Prime’s EcoFeatherweight initiative can do for your business, check out the EcoFeatherweight Savings Calculator.


Tractor Specs

When it comes down to brass tacks, successful businesses understand that every detail matters. If you’re considering EcoFeatherweight Tractors from Prime Inc., you’ll want all the details. Review the EcoFeatherweight Tractor Specifications here.


Trailer Specs

Prime’s EcoFeatherweight Trailers deliver revolutionary efficiency. From advanced weight reduction technology to IntelliSet Programming, we have optimized every detail. Review the EcoFeatherweight Trailer Specifications here.


Our Team is Here

If you’ve got questions, Prime has answers. Our team of experts is here to handle any questions you have. Whether you want to get started today or you want to learn more before you decide, let us provide all the information you need to make the best decision for your business.