Tractor Specs

Lightweight Tractors.
More Cargo.

Our EcoFeatherweight initiative ensures that the tractor, fuel, driver, and personal belongings don’t exceed 18,000 pounds. Why? You can put more cargo in the trailer, which decreases your shipping expenses over many long hauls. Green transportation simply saves money.

Tractor Models

We use Peterbilt 384, Freightliner Columbia, and International 9200 tractor models for our EcoFeatherweight system. These are three of the most reliable workhorses in the industry. Our mechanics make sure they’re in top shape for every run so you receive deliveries on time. we pioneered APU usage approximately 10 years ago to keep these big engines from idling.

Wheel Bases

Instead of dual wheels, we use wide-base single wheels behind the cab. This lessens the overall weight of the wheels without affecting how the tires operate. We cut our mud flaps to only cover the tread width of our wide-based tires. While other companies continue to use wide “dual” mud flaps, they block extra wind and decrease fuel miles per gallon. We’ve wind-tunnel tested these and found that ours net about a 0.8% increase in fuel economy.

Automated Manual Transmissions

We saw an opportunity to make our tractors more driver-friendly and switched 100% of our new truck order to automated manual transmissions in 2017. These high-tech transmissions are programmed to shift at optimized engine RPMs and maintain the best gear selection. They have a feature called E-Coast which predicts upcoming terrain, letting the engine idle while going downhill but keeping the engine braking at-the-ready to keep our speed in line.

Fuel Capacity

Fuel tanks carry 200 gallons of fuel instead of 300 gallons. We balance this lower fuel capacity with better miles per gallon on the road. Combined with EcoDrive and EcoTire programs, we increase the fuel efficiency of our trucks and pass those savings on to you.

Do More With Less

EcoFeatherweight tractors let you haul more cargo with less truck. Talk to us today about what Prime Green can do for you. Our environmental sustainability helps you save money and save the environment as an EPA SmartWay Transport Partner.