Drive Well at Prime

Social Responsibility
and Prime Inc.

We’re driving more than cargo, we’re driving the industry forward, and that means maximizing the safety, wellness, and efficiency of our team. Our drivers go through weekly safety meetings, predictive accident analysis training, fatigue management, and wellness campaigns to enhance their safety on the road.

Health and Wellness Program

Healthy and alert drivers operate more efficiently and more safely. Our fitness facilities keep drivers in shape, while our dietary guidelines help them eat better on the road. Drivers take advantage of our health and wellness programs, workout facilities, company trainers, and health tips to stay in shape.

Award-Winning Large Carrier

Prime, Inc. was named a Best Fleets to Drive For Large Carrier Winner 2019 by the Truckload Carriers Association. We’re honored with this distinction, and we pride ourselves on being a great place to work!

Safe Drivers
at Prime Inc.

Our associates go through safety orientation, on-the-road training, and driver development training to ensure they stay safe on the highways. Safe drivers who deliver on time earn performance recognition for their hard work. The Prime team delivers on time, every time.

Drive for Prime

Drive for the most sustainable transportation company in the United States — drive for Prime. We care for your safety and well-being, and we offer competitive pay, great benefits, and a commitment to your career development. Speak with a recruiter to find out more.