Recycle Oil at Prime Green

Recycle, Reduce

Recycling oil is part of our sustainable supply chain goals. Manufacturers use less energy to refine recycled oil compared to crude oil. This decreases carbon emissions from processing and transporting crude. We recycle oil from our trucks to lessen the environmental impact of the global supply chain.

Recycle, Repurpose

There are many sustainable applications for high-quality recycled engine oil, and Prime is operationalizing them. Recycled oil is widely used for heating by industrial boilers and burners that consume oil at extremely high temperatures, destroying or capturing pollutants. We collect and store our used oil for re-use in the winter to heat our repair shops.


One gallon of recycled motor oil can be processed to create the same amount of lubricating oil as 42 gallons of crude oil. That’s because used motor oil is already refined from crude, so processing is more efficient. We also use high grades of engine oil to lengthen the time between oil changes and lessen engine wear in our trucks.

Asphalt Extender

Used motor oil can restore aged asphalt as an asphalt extender. Improving the longevity of asphalt makes our roads safer over longer periods of time. From the engine to the asphalt, Prime’s oil goes farther.

Other Recycling Initiatives

Other items we recycle include paper and cardboard, computers and electronics, and water at our own treatment facility. We send metals from our worn-out equipment to local recycling shops, including steel wire from our EcoShred tires, aluminum components from our trailers, and copper wiring we strip from electronic equipment.

Recycled Oil. Less Pollution.

Prime Green’s recycled oil program is part of our portfolio of environmental sustainability initiatives. Talk to us today about how your company can be a part of a green transportation movement and a sustainable supply chain.