EcoDrive Tires

EcoDrive: Better Treads

For Better Tires

Prime’s fleet is equipped with EcoDrive tires, for better performance on both tractors and trailers. Enhanced tire performance optimizes gas mileage, reduces roadside maintenance, and improves operational reliability. We pass these efficiencies on to you, our customers, with cost-effective transportation solutions you can count on.


Custom Tread

EcoDrive is our proprietary tire tread pattern, a design that improves roll resistance on trailer and truck tires. Being an EPA SmartWay Transport Partner means we optimize all aspects of the supply chain, and that includes the most fuel-efficient tires in the industry.

EcoDrive: Fleet-Wide

EcoDrive tires roll more easily on highways for economical cargo runs. We implement EcoDrive tires fleet-wide to reduce our overall fuel costs and make a more sustainable supply chain. Our goal is environmental sustainability in everything we do.


Upgraded Roll Resistance

Our custom tire tread pattern lowers roll resistance, so our tires roll more easily on pavement. Even if our tires increase gas mileage by 1/10th of a mile per gallon, that additional fuel economy adds up to millions of dollars across our entire fleet. We automatically lift the front axles of our tanker and flatbed trailers based on the weight of the loads, reducing rolling resistance and tire wear and increasing brake life.

Save Green with Prime Green

Prime Green implements cutting-edge green transportation initiatives through our portfolio of green initiatives. Contact us today to learn more about how Prime’s sustainable initiatives save money and save the planet.