Prime Green

About Our Initiatives

State of the Art


Technology drives our push for a greener Earth, while customers drive our need for cost-effectiveness. The road to making our planet a better place starts with gathering data and monitoring performance. We track data on all of our green initiatives to ensure your products arrive in a timely manner while also saving you money and helping our planet.

On the Road

Take green transportation on the road thanks to EcoFeatherweight tractors and trailers that decrease fuel consumption and increase your profits. EcoDrive tires improve roll resistance on tractors and trailers across our entire fleet. These aspects helped us earn our designation as an EPA SmartWay Transport Partner.

For Our


DriveWell monitors on-the-road behavior and gathers data for predictive accident analysis training. We also offer driver wellness programs to keep our team healthy, active, and alert at all times. We deliver safely, on time and on budget, with the goal of reliable runs and a sustainable supply chain.

At Home Base

Prime Green practices environmental sustainability at our fleet facilities. Under Prime’s EcoTire initiative, our techs retread and remold used tires to extend operational life while lowering rolling resistance. Our Triple Crown Wash initiative minimizes water waste by sourcing and utilizing wash water sustainably. Prime’s EcoShred initiative produces quality recycled mulch, pellets, and powders by shredding the unusable tires from our fleet. Our Springfield and Salt Lake City terminals and our Salt Lake City terminal are equipped with solar panels to generate electricity.

EPA SmartWay

Transport Partner

Prime is proud to be recognized as a registered SmartWay Transport Partner since February 2006. We’re also proud to have been chosen a SmartWay Excellence Award recipient several years running! We run only U.S. EPA SmartWay-approved tires on our tractors and trailers.

Save Money

Save the Earth

Our company continually strives to improve our fleet of green vehicles while using sustainable practices in everything we do. Contact our experts today to see how we can enhance your supply chain while achieving your sustainability goals.