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Discover the Prime Green Initiatives

The Prime Green Initiatives

Driving towards a more sustainable future



Prime’s advanced tractor and trailer design initiative. Increasing capacity, reducing emissions, driving intelligence.



Prime shreds used tires to produce TDF, TDA, mulch, pellets and powder for repurposed public materials.



Retread and remolding operations for Prime’s trailer tires. Remanufactured tires. Lower rolling resistance.



Proprietary tire tread pattern, implemented to improve roll resistance for tractors and trailers fleet-wide.

Prime Recycle

Bumper-to-bumper sustainability initiatives, minimizing waste, recycling materials, and extending the service life of our vehicles.

Triple Crown Wash

The largest usage of water at Prime is in washing trucks and trailers. We source and utilize our wash water sustainably.


We take care of our drivers, so our drivers can take care on the road. From predictive accident analysis training to driver wellness initiatives, Prime is making highways safer every day.

Prime Green Initiatives

Changing the
Rules of the Road

Prime is leading the way for green transportation and sustainable supply chain development in the United States. With advanced technology and game-changing efficiency, we reduce costs for our customers and protect the environment for our country. Our elite efficiency initiatives earned Prime Inc. the EPA Smartway Transport Partner Excellence Award.

Delivering revolutionary technology

The Prime Green Initiative

Prime Inc. is proud to lead our industry in green transportation technology and sustainable supply chain development. Learn more about Prime Green and our initiatives by clicking the button below.

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Partner with Prime and experience the future of transportation. Every day we are upgrading our fleet with advanced operations and technology, so we can deliver exceptional efficiency, sustainable strategies, and unrivaled value for our customers. If your business is dedicated to trimming your costs, minimizing your carbon footprint, and demonstrating your commitment to a sustainable future, partner with Prime Inc. today.

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