EcoShred Tire Program

EcoShred At a Glance

We started our own tire shredding business to recycle scrap tires that may have been left in landfills. EcoShred recycles used tires by processing them into valuable materials for public use. And it’s not just tires that come from our trucks and trailers. We receive tires that are beyond repair from tire companies across the Midwest and shred them into several different kinds of products. We turn used tires into rubber mulch, rubber pellets, and rubber dust (goes into asphalt paving!) and we sell these recycled products nationwide! Learn about those products below.

Tire-Derived Fuel

Tire-Derived Fuel creates burnable materials. TDF supplements wood, coal, or other combustible materials. TDF goes into commercial facilities, such as kilns, power plants, and paper mills. Fuel made from shredded tires emits fewer greenhouse gases and has a high BTU value.

Tire-Derived Aggregate

Tire-Derived Aggregate comes from shredded tires in pieces anywhere from 2 to 12 inches long. This material works in civil construction projects as thermal insulation, lightweight fill, drainage layers, and vibration attenuation material. 



Mulch made from shredded tires helps with water retention for landscaping and creating soft playground surfaces. About 26 tires make 1 ton of mulch product, and we scrap out 1,600 tons of tires every year.

EcoShred is just one reason why we’re a top green transportation firm and an EPA SmartWay Transport Partner. Contact us to find out how our EcoShred program benefits both your company and your community.