Savings Calculator

Increased Cargo Capacity

Freight carriers charge by weight and distance. If you can put more cargo into one trailer, you decrease your transportation costs by reducing the number of trucks needed to ship your products. See how our EcoFeatherweight Savings Calculator enhances your bottom line. 

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Lower Overall Weight

Our EcoFeatherweight tractors and trailers combine to weigh 32,000 pounds when empty. Typical tractor-trailer combinations weigh 35,000 pounds or more. Our decreased weights let drivers haul more cargo in a single shipment, which reduces the number of trucks you need.

Higher Cargo Weight

At 32,000 pounds, we can add 48,000 pounds of cargo in a trailer, which is 4,500 pounds more than standard rigs. Our inefficient competitors can’t match these figures.

Labor Costs

Our sustainable supply chain keeps fewer trucks rolling with more cargo. With extra cargo capacity, we increase products per load and reduce the time your warehouse staff spends loading and unloading trucks.

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For every 1,000 truckloads shipped with EcoFeatherweight tractors and trailers, we take 103 trucks off the highway. Our environmental sustainability programs led to us becoming an EPA SmartWay Transport Partner. Contact us today for more information.